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Everyone is a salesman

There is a point in every entrepreneur’s life when he says “Oh crap, I’m actually a sales guy. I need to learn how to sell.” Growing a business is selling, after all. Scott Norton discussed his “aha” moment on Patrick O’Shaughnessy’s podcast.

Selling is getting a customer’s mind from point A to point B, which is an exercise in persuasion. Aristotle said there are three types of persuasion: ethos (ethical appeal), pathos (emotional appeal), and logos (logical appeal).

First Norton tried logos. He went go into sales meetings and listed all the reason’s his ketchup was better. When this failed, he pivoted and started talking about how his ketchup would benefit the chef. Better, but still no sales.

Finally, he discovered the problem: people are not willing to hear the benefits unless they trust you first. Norton’s breakthrough came when he created an emotional connection first (pathos) and then explained the benefits (logos).

In his words, “You have to spend the time building trust, building a relationship, building common ground, and building an emotional bond, develop an open pathway of communication, and then start learning about how you can solve their problems.”

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