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Update On Inotek Pharmaceuticals

As I “went to press” the other day on Inotek, news broke that Inotek signed a merger agreement with Rocket Pharmaceuticals. It’s an all stock deal where Inotek will issue shares to Rocket. Current Rocket shareholders will end up with 81% of the combined company and the rest will go to Inotek shareholders. There will be a final adjustment on the closing date, expected in early 2018, to reflect the amount of cash Inotek has on its balance sheet.

Rocket is a development stage company focused on gene therapy. At first glance this seems like a good deal for them. They have raised capital at a $275 million valuation (Inotek’s NAV, $52.461 million, divided by 19%) and will now be listed on the Nasdaq.

Here is the full press release that you can read in full and here is a link to my prior analysis of Inotek.

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